We have been animating away as Persistent Peril for over seven years, and have somehow all found ourselves in (sunny) Worthing, but now with added families and responsibilities. It’s terrifyingly wonderful. PP (we’ll be calling ourselves that from now on) are a team of three, husband and wife directing duo Garth and Ginny Jones (who is currently on maternity leave with their little boy Fox) and producer Sam Bourner.

We’re a boutique animation studio that specialise in 2D character animation. Over the years this has led to a diverse range of linear projects, including commercials, music videos, corporate films, instillations and festival events. We’ve worked with a veritable smorgasbord of clients, from Cat’s Protection, The Barbican, Dulux and Shakespeare’s Globe, and been featured in The Guardian, Computer Arts and Creative Review, amongst others. We moved into Studio 3 at Colonnade House last August and absolutely love the community, location and team here. As all team PP members have small children it’s been a joy to have a studio that’s also walking distance from our homes.



We’re in our studio from Monday to Friday (it’s just like a real job – honest), and most days consist of tea, tea and more tea. Depending on what projects we have on we could be working on designs, budgets, animatics, schedules, storyboards, animating, compositing, accounting, and so on. Our days can vary vastly, depending on the workload. We’re currently very busy producing animations for the lovely folks at Cat’s Protection. Here’s an animation we made for them previously, called ‘Journey’: http://www.persistentperil.com/journey. One daily consistency we have had since settling into Colonnade House is visiting the delicious lunch based mecca known as The Garden Pantry, handily located across the road!

We are predominately based at our desks all day, which we can only apologise for, as it doesn’t make for the most thrilling photographs! As with all the studios we’ve had since forming in 2011, we’ve always loved making the space our own. From our PP sign printed by Zoli at @exhibitprinting, to our varied collections of inspiration, from artworks, graphic novels, toys, and so on. Here is our friend Ringo, which we won at Pictoplasma festival in Berlin (designed by @lizzlizz), is joining us for a bit of romantic window time. Thanks Ringo. It’s worth noting that this is the greatest view our company has ever had. Nothing beats being able to see the sea from your studio. We also make sure that each of our desks has a bit of ourselves on them. Ginny’s is decorated with Orange Birds and Robin Hood, Garth has one or two(thousand) Star Wars toys, and Sam enjoys a chat with his Newman figure each morning.



Being part of Colonnade House has been so inspiring, from the range of exhibitions on in the gallery space downstairs, to potential collaborations with the other lovely folks in the building. We’re constantly inspired by illustrators/neighbours @iamjohnbond and @sarahsarie, and are currently looking forward to working with coder Chris Andrews on our upcoming exhibition, currently scheduled for September this year. We can’t wait! We’ll be sure to make Colonnade House shout when we finish this latest project with Cat’s protection, so you can actually see what we’re up to here.

If you want to know more about PP then head on over to www.persistentperil.com or follow us on the usual social media sites (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook). Thanks so much, Sam, Garth and Ginny (aka Team PP).