Here are answers to most of the questions that people have asked about taking a tenancy or hiring the gallery at Colonnade House.


How do I rent a studio?
 Click ‘Apply now’ on our Studios page to complete the application for studio space. The studios are available to anyone working in the creative industries.

Contact Colonnade House to find out what spaces are available and to book a visit. If we can’t offer you a suitable space straight away, we can add you to our waiting list.

Can I apply with someone else to share a space?

You can apply with other people to share space, but each person should apply independently and include details of their own professional work and needs. We do not guarantee that people who apply together to share a space will be given this option, but will do our best to accommodate this as long as applications meet our criteria.

How accessible are the studio spaces?

The studio spaces are on floors 1-3 of the building and are accessible 7 days a week.

The building unfortunately has no lift. Individual access needs will be met where possible – please tell us about these on your application form.

What types of tenancies are available?

For shared rooms, each individual tenant will have a licence agreement. For sole use of a
room, a sub-lease agreement will be used.

What is the notice period and the minimum term?

Both types of tenancies can be terminated with a month’s notice. The minimum term is three months (i.e. the earliest date that you can give notice is after your tenancy has run for two months).

What are the arrangements for paying rent, service charges and deposits?

One month’s rent is required as a deposit plus up to a month’s rent in advance on signing your agreement. Rent is charged monthly in advance on the 1st of the month, and services are charged monthly in arrears. You will be invoiced monthly for rent and services.

Who is the landlord?

The landlord is Adur and Worthing Trust, a registered charity. Colonnade House is managed through a partnership between Adur and Worthing Trust and Worthing Borough Council.

Do I have to provide insurance?

Individual tenants must hold their own Public Liability Insurance (minimum £5 million), and are responsible for ensuring that their own equipment is insured against theft or damage.

What kind of equipment can be used at Colonnade House?

We can’t accommodate ceramic kilns, welding or other heavy machinery/equipment. Small jewellery kilns only will be permitted. Please note there is no mechanical extraction for dust, smoke or fumes currently in place at Colonnade House.

Is there any parking space or bike storage at Colonnade House?

There is no parking at Colonnade House. Loading from vehicles is restricted and you are advised not to leave a vehicle unattended for more than 5 minutes.

The large multi-storey High Street car park is just behind Colonnade House and offers discounts to local businesses.

Secure bicycle parking is also available at High Street Car Park

Is there any other storage space available at Colonnade House?

If you need storage, please factor this into the space you rent – there is no storage available in the common areas, stairways or landings.

What are the future plans for Colonnade House?

Colonnade House is due to expand to provide more studio space and other facilities. The building will also have ultrafast broadband.

Hiring the gallery space:

How do I hire space for an exhibition?

The gallery spaces are extremely popular. Contact us with your requirements and we will put you on our waiting list and will contact you to offer you a space as it becomes available.

How do I hire space to run a workshop or event?

We make the gallery space available for hourly hires for at least three weeks out of each year. The hourly hire rate is £10. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

How accessible are the gallery spaces?

There is a low threshold step which means there is almost level access from Warwick Street into the gallery spaces. Internally there is step free access around the gallery spaces and to the ground floor toilet. The doors are standard door width and there are a couple of points where there is restricted space to turn.

How much is it to hire a gallery?

Our hire rates for both gallery spaces are available on our website. You can view the hire rates here.

What facilities are included in the hire charges?

As well as our gallery hanging and lighting systems, we have two 6’ tables, 30 folding chairs, a data projector, media player and speakers that can all be used by hirers. We also have access to kitchen facilities including a fridge, and to the toilet.

How do I prepare for an exhibition?

Please take a look at our comprehensive Hirers Guide. You will get support from staff at Colonnade House for planning and installing your show, and your main point of contact will be Joe Cox, Creative Hub Co-ordinator:

This information was correct at the time of writing but is subject to updating and revision.

Last updated: 14.10.2023