After the success of the Christmas edition, the Spring Pop-Up Shop here at Colonnade House is the freshest way to explore the diverse array of talent shown in the heart of Worthing. The combinative range of the artists has developed the creative hub environment to demonstrate their eclectic range of work to each other, as well as the public.

There are three floors here at Colonnade House which are creative studio spaces occupied by our tenants. In response to the artists, we have arranged the Pop-Up Shop to encourage working together as a creative community. We have also asked Men in Sheds to be involved again as we have a great long-standing relationship with them.



Men in Sheds

Men in Sheds are a group of local makers who produce household, garden and kitchenware and their work was received very well in the last shop. They are part of a pioneering group of retirees but welcome new members of all ages. Their work is made mostly of recycled wood and we have everything available here to purchase from chairs to chopping boards and even duck planters!


Peon Boyle

The Pop-Up Shop features work from new tenant Peon Boyle; an artist who studies the intricate details of children’s clothing and manufactures new designs with unique materials. Some of her work includes prints she has taken of ink soaked garments, as well as featuring the garments themselves. Originally the ink-soaked clothes were only for the end result of the prints, using every day objects to tell a story. She then saw they became beautifully interesting pieces on their own, wanting to show they retain a trace of life. Peon also runs Sussex Printmakers.


John Bond

John Bond is also introduced in this spring’s shop. John’s work consists of digital and print illustrations, often featuring a recurring canine theme. The colourful work uses visual puns as well as fluid movement to softly yet boldly outline the shape of man’s best friend. John has created many different things including work for the BBC, Mr. Men, Paperchase, Tate, Channel 4, Starbucks, MTV, Disney and Open University. His prints, greeting cards and tote-bags offer a familiar sensation of delight that one can only receive from a beloved pet.


David Dutton

David Dutton






We also have works from David Dutton who has presented us with some Basquiat-homage headshots, painted onto canvas and vivid with colour, as well as non-figurative bespeckled landscape. David is a painter inspired by listening to music; his current influences are PJ Harvey, Nick Cave, Idles and Young Fathers. His paintings are communicative using visual language with acrylics, oils and oil sticks.


Sara Dare

Sara Dare has exhibited her abstract ink on paper pieces, depicting shapes that feel acquainted to the human form. The fluid movement in her work gives its audience an indication of familiarity, but also reminds the viewer they cannot be certain of the elegant shapes presented to them.


Sarah Edmonds’ works cause a stir among some for their honest humour and visual puns. She conveys nature in beautifully hand drawn illustrations  of garden tools, wild animals and mini beasts. Tote bags, tea towels, framed and unframed prints and cards are just some of her wildly popular work exhibited here.

Sarah Edmonds’ Illustration


Susie Warner Jewellery

Susie Warner Jewellery has returned and includes her hand-crafted hair accessories and bridal jewellery inspired by vintage glamour. This time we also see something new with her illustrated pieces, singing to us something starlit and familiar. Susie Aylott from Susie Warner Jewellery is fascinated with exploring the detailed graphic nature of typographical illustration.


Ed Bentley Prints

Ed Bentley Prints are widely recognised and we are lucky enough to have them on sale. Influenced by street art and pop culture, his saturated graphic illustrations are filled with exciting narrative and bold colours while showing us non-skateboarders the importance of watching your back! Those pesky mutants could get us any day now. Ed’s illustrations are also one of the main components of a series of comic-books by Mad Robot Comics.


Mad Robot Comics

Mad Robot Comics is a Sussex based publisher of quirky comic books and graphic novels. Founded in 2012 by a group of local artists and writers, they specialise in titles offering “Horror Comedy” stories with a backdrop of social relevance. Always popular and a ‘must-see’ at comic-cons, Mad Robot Comics are a story you’ll want to keep up with.

Julie Ingham




Julie Ingham has also previously presented her work. She is a designer who creates intricately illustrated patterns for notebooks, textiles, packaging and homeware. Julie has had many clients including Liberty, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, French Connection, Penguin Books. Papyrus and many more. Julie is also featuring beautifully detailed representations of familiar sea-side towns in the form of prints and original artwork.


As the new apprentice at Colonnade House I have learnt so much so quickly, but there is always more to find out. The Pop-Up Shop has been a great way to connect with the tenants occupying the studio spaces here, as well as meeting Men in Sheds. From the attention the shop has been receiving, it has meant I’ve been in the company of the public every day and have discovered a lot about the artistic desires of the people who live and work here. I think displaying the work that is made around us every day is the perfect way to involve everyone in the creative process, and to see first hand how Colonnade House is encouraging art to flow through Worthing so we can all experience it.

Megan McEvoy