3Style Exhibition

‘3Style’ is an exhibition which brings three friends together whilst also showing various styles of artwork.

As friends, they have encouraged and inspired each other, which, in turn has sparked their creative minds.

They haven’t had the time, motivation or energy due to work life balance commitments to produce a body of work, until now.

Each friend has found their creativity to be so important, not only as a hobby but also for their mental well-being and they have since all enjoyed reigniting their passion for art again.

They hope this exhibition may motivate others into picking up a pencil or paintbrush again.

Amanda Booth

After an early start studying fine art at Epsom school of Art & Design, Amanda went on to pursue various unrelated high-pressure jobs. After many years, Amanda purchased a reasonable camera, and from then on, has enjoyed capturing moments of colour and light from her love of beaches, water, nature and people, from all around the world.

Amanda has had her work published in various magazines and even on the Piccadilly billboard. Amanda turned to painting, using acrylics, initially to help with mental health issues of an overwhelming work environment, and to then help with the slowing down process of a major career change.

Angeline Pantall

Angie has been passionate about art all her life. In fact, so passionate, she became an Art teacher and spent 25 years teaching art and crafts within the community and in the mental health arena.

However,  in the last 10 years or so, she has not produced much artwork for herself.

One of her students who also recently exhibited gave her the push she needed to pick up her brushes and charcoal again. She thanks her so much!

Her circumstances changed recently, and she had more time on her hands. Initially she could not decide what to paint but was inspired when gazing at her dog “Reef”. It came to her and she decided to create “Reef’s pack”. She is still completing the pack and has loved trying to capture all their differing personalities.

She also liked the idea of doing a series of paintings to form a group but where the painting or drawing could also stand-alone. So alongside Reef’s pack, The Herd was developed. All are taken from photos she took whilst out walking with Reef. 

Reef’s pack and The Herd have really helped her reignite her energy and passion again and she hopes you enjoy her work.

Nicky Dawes

Nicky came to art later in life, having retired from a high-pressure job.  She was inspired on a trip to the Florida Keys in 2019 when she saw her first resin art picture in a local gallery. The artist was not willing to reveal her secrets, so an internet hunt ensued.  The first experimental efforts taught her how technical resin was.

Now, two years on, she has learned to express herself and expand into acrylics too. This is the first time her art has been seen in public.

Tuesday – Sunday // 10.00 – 17.00