Madelaine Hutchin
A Different View West

This exhibition will showcase a selection of works created during A Different View West. This innovative project offers a safe and inclusive space where participants can explore the transformative power of photography and zine-making as tools for self-expression, personal empowerment and the creation of a supportive community of peers.

Led by a team of trained and supported peers and Inclusive Arts Facilitator, Lucy Groenewoud, the project brings together a diverse group of participants who, while they have their own unique experiences, share a common understanding of, and empathy for,  each other’s journeys.

Over several months and through a series of interactive workshops and collaborative activities, in both urban and natural settings, participants embark on a creative exploration that combines the art of photography with the process of zine-making.

Participants develop their artistic skills in composition, lighting, storytelling, techniques for content selection, layout, design and self-publishing. They engage in group discussions, share personal experiences and give and receive strengths-based feedback. Peer Support Specialists provide encouragement and emotional support, both in the groups and in additional 1-2-1 sessions.

This project was kindly funded by Heads On, and co-delivered by Capital Project Trust, Lucy Groenewoud and Recovery Partners.

Tuesday – Saturday 10.00 – 17.00