My love affair with fibres started many years ago and many hours were happily spent boiling up onion skins, walnuts, and other substances in order to obtain dyes for fleece. I like to spin and mix and match colours as I go. However it is only recently that I have found weaving. The loom is my canvas and I have discovered that, for me, this is where I can truly express myself.

I never plan a design. I enjoy serendipity and enjoy seeing how colours and various textures interact. I never tire of the unexpected, and the excitement of seeing the weaving come together. I have become rather obsessed. I started by weaving (and selling) lots of scarves, but, always one for a challenge, I decided to have a go at making myself a coat. I now have three, and have sold eight others in just over a year!!

Coat: Alison Crosthwaite

As I spin and dye most of the yarns, this is rather time-consuming – but for me this is therapy and incredibly relaxing. I really enjoy the whole idea of art-to-wear and I am thinking about new possibilities for the coming year. Watch this space……

Weaving - Alison Crosthwaite

If you would like to know more about the techniques she uses, Alison has also published a Kindle book about her art – Fibrefrenzi