Amelie Collyer

Local artist to showcase paintings depicting the balance of family and professional life

A Worthing-based mum of one and owner of Action Painting Workshops is to display her work which portrays her struggles between family and professional life. French-Canadian, Amélie Collyer, 41, will have her acrylic paintings on canvas showcased from 21-28 August at Colonnade House, Worthing as she seeks to explain through the power of art the daily battles she faces juggling the responsibilities of being a mother, a wife, a business owner and daughter to parents who are based in Paris, France.

It was almost 20-years when Amélie’s love and passion for art really took hold. In 1999 in Lyon, Amélie was sculpting and hosted an exhibition alongside her mother who was showcasing her paintings. The success of the exhibition turned Amélie’s head somewhat. “I think this was the turning point for me as it displayed my mum’s unwavering passion for art; after this, I was hooked,” comments Amélie.

“My mum has always been an inspiration to me. She went back to school in her 40s to do fine arts in Montreal and I’ve always wanted to follow in her footsteps.”

Amélie’s exhibition will be titled ‘Between Two Worlds’ and each piece will tell part of her story as she copes daily with the demands of professional and family life. She adds: “The exhibition will show my personal struggles of juggling being an artist, a mum, a wife, a daughter, and a business owner all at the same time. I hope this reaches out to others out there who are perhaps struggling somewhat with the daily demands of modern life and I hope they can the messages I’m attempting to convey via the powerful medium of art.

“I love the freedom of art and the ability it has to empower you to become more mindful. I also find that it taps in to a different part of me that feeds to a creative side and helps escape from the day to day more logistical parts of life.”

Amelie Collyer 2