Anna Vartiainen: Everything Must Go


Everything must go! Artist Anna Vartiainen and her family are moving up to Glasgow, so she is having a big sale of all her work, as well as the contents of her shop FOUND shop & studio. Alongside new pieces, she is bringing out the ‘archive’: sale prints, wildly discounted card bundles, wrapping paper, samples  and more. 

Bargain-hunting fun aside, there is a philosophical side to this exhibition too. The title is about change; the impermanence of things and life itself. Having recently lost her dad, Anna has been grieving whilst organising the big move to the other end of the country, all the while taking care of her family. She has closed her shop, cleared out personal possessions, soon to be leaving her family home. And looming large is the absence of a hugely important person in her life. 

Anna’s recent work sees a return to her contemplative, quiet style, capturing moments of beauty in the darkness. This winter brought with it tenderness, loss and sadness, ushering in a year of change, letting go and moving on. Walking and thinking, observing her surroundings, she draws scenes that are intrinsically linked to certain dates, memories and feelings. Glowing lights from buildings at night and the black silhouettes of trees against the sky were where she found solace through emotional strain. Essentially, the backdrop suited her mood. But as with  everything, the winter and its enveloping, protective gloom had to end, giving way to spring, light and optimism. 

Anna Dark Park Etching   


At the gallery you will find original drawings, paintings and handmade prints, including etchings, screen prints and linocuts. All stock from FOUND, her shop selling paper goods and gift items by independent artists and makers, will be reduced to clear. 

Anna hopes you will help celebrate a bittersweet end to ten years living in Worthing by coming to her final show: a thought-provoking but thoroughly enjoyable mish mash of artwork accumulated during her time here.