Tuesday 1st – Saturday 12th November

Can you think of 100 uses for a plastic bottle?

Children from Reflections Nursery & Forest School in Worthing will be thinking of 100 uses for a plastic bottle over the next two weeks, and you can too. Their ideas – along with yours – will be on display at the Colonnade House – Creative Hub.

Reflections draws inspiration from the world-renowned pre-schools of Reggio Emilia in Italy where children are able to work with 100 creative ‘languages’ of expression (and a hundred, hundred more).  To celebrate 10 years of children’s work at Reflections they are putting on an exhibition entitled, From bacteria to galaxies at St Paul’s Art Centre, Worthing. And at the same time Reflections is working with Colonnade House – Creative Hub to create a public engagement exhibition entitled, The Hundred which explores 100 languages of the plastic bottle.

The plastic bottle is an example of an object we perceive as rubbish, something to put in the bin; a disposable material.   This installation explores the hidden potential of the plastic bottle as a starting point for creativity. We ask the question, Can we find 100 uses for the plastic bottle?

Reflections children have the opportunity to explore recycled resources and work creatively with ‘intelligent materials’.  The nursery also has its own store of these materials called ReCreate.


During the week, Reflections staff will ask the public, and the children at Reflections to imagine new uses for plastic bottles. We will aim to fill the space with 100 bottles and discover a new appreciation for this everyday piece of ‘rubbish’.

‘The child has

a hundred languages

a hundred hands

a hundred thoughts

a hundred ways of thinking

of playing, of speaking

A hundred, always a hundred

ways of listening

of marvelling, of loving,

a hundred joys

for singing and understanding

a hundred worlds

to discover

a hundred worlds

to invent

a hundred worlds

to dream.’

Extract from: No Way. The Hundred is there.

Loris Malaguzzi, Reggio Emilia


This public engagement work will also branch out into Worthing town as a wider participation space so look out for posting boxes for your ideas!  For further information contact enquiries@reflectionsnurseries.co.uk