Artwork by Brian Tew



Brian Tew is a retired architect who has been working in ceramics and other art forms for the past 50 years. He believes that there should be no divisions between any of the artistic disciplines, and anything that breaks barriers by mixing mediums is a legitimate process in achieving a piece of work. 

Brian’s ceramics and sculptures are mainly unplanned, intuitive and eclectic. Rarely starting with a preliminary design, his process begins by letting raw clay or visual art take him on his creative path. Formed in stoneware and earthenware, he fires his works with glazes and oxides in a gas reduction or electric kiln, a raku kiln or by earth pit firing. He then adds other mixed media to the sculpture if necessary. 

Brian also makes digital art by manipulating his original pieces with computer programmes to create new works. He aims to create artworks that have an aesthetic appeal with a suggestion of antiquity. The work is purely decorative and only requires a place for it to be displayed and for the owner’s imagination to give it life.



Sculpture by Brian Tew


Artwork by Brian Tew



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