I am a qualified architect now retired who has been  working in ceramics and other art forms over the past 50 years and I feel that there should be no divisions or barriers between any of the artistic disciplines, and anything that breaks the barriers and mixes the media is a legitimate process in achieving the final created piece of work.


My ceramics and sculptures are mainly unplanned, intuitive and eclectic. The work is formed in stoneware and earthenware. Some are fired with glazes and oxides in a gas reduction kiln or an electric kiln, others are fired in a Raku kiln or by using an earth pit firing, the piece is then assessed and if necessary I then add other mixed media to the ceramic sculpture to complete the work and present it on display base.


I rarely plan my art work or sketch out a preliminary design I just start with the raw clay and let the material take me along the creative path. Sometimes it works and other times I struggle but keep going adjusting and redesigning as I go until I’m satisfied that I’ve achieved something worth exhibiting.

The only aim is to create a piece of art that has an aesthetic appeal with a suggestion of antiquity and sculptural form.

The work is purely decorative and only requires a place for it to be displayed and to the owner’s imagination to give it life.