A guide to marketing art, crafts, and handmade goods.

This two hour live, information packed, online workshop is for artists, makers and creators who are looking for ways to increase the visibility of their creative practice and sell more work.

This session identifies core issues, and helps provide insight to the following questions:
Who is my best customer?
How do I speak with them?
What do I say to them and why?
How important is price?
How do I bring the world to my work?

You will leave with an understanding of different ways to reach, and engage with, your potential customers; a template to help you plan, thus removing internal dialogue and doubt; top tips on tools to use that can save you hours of time; and clear guidance around presenting your work and creative practice to optimise demand.

SOL Design Collective is a community of more than 1000 artists and makers, and have been running face to face and online workshops for more than 2 years during which time they have helped hundreds of artists, take action, amplify their presence and move their practice forward.

We can help you take the next step, by not only identifying what to do, but why certain actions reap greater reward than others.
We know that there are multiple aspects to running a creative practice and finding the balance between producing work and marketing and selling it, is a constant juggle. Our workshops aim to help ease this burden. We provide tried and tested processes which will save time, improve efficiency, and maximise the visibility of your work.

This will be an online Live session via ZOOM.

It is a ticketed event and the cost is £15, tickets available here.