a brush with colour

I used to think in binary.
Everything was either good or bad
and questions were to be answered with a yes or no.
I was living in a black and white world.
Then I had a brush with colour.

Initially, I had no idea what to do with it
Should I hold on to it?
Should I let it go
and give it its freedom to go where it wanted to?
Should I try to shake it off
and create an accidental mark?
Or as the brush with colour was in hand
Should I deliberately make a mark?
I decided to take all the options open to me.
I enjoyed every action.
And the results were surprising.

Then, later, I no longer used the brush
But I had the colour
and I enjoyed every opportunity to use it.
I poured it
threw it
sprayed it
spread it with a knife
and scraped it.
And the results were revealing.

Now I use every means of applying colour,
and my colour range includes black and white and any shade of grey.
On occasions I even use a brush with colour.

Walter Wall’s exhibition opens 19th December at 10am.