Self-taught wildlife and landscape artist, Cate Woods, was born and raised on the South Coast and has a passion for ‘bringing the outside in’. Working mostly with oils, she brings fluidity and light to her work and encapsulates the spirit of the wildlife she portrays. Although she has been painting all her life, its only in recent years that she has had the courage to display her work to the public and take on commissions. The majority of these commissions have been pet portraits and she relishes the challenge of capturing the spirit of a clients special pet. 

Having gone through some traumatic years in her life, art has been a constant source of strength and expression. Cate feels compelled to paint and has found joy and a sense of peace when creating works. She hopes to communicate this sense of calm and tranquillity by sharing her work with others.

The works of J.M Turner (The Fighting Temeraire), Gustav Klimt (The Kiss) and in particular David Sheppard have inspired her to try and catch the light and the soul of the natural world.

The adaptability and resilience of nature has been especially brought to the forefront of her mind during the recent pandemic. As we have all been asked to remain indoors, wildlife has thrived outdoors highlighting the remarkable influence humankind has on animals lives. 

This collection is a reflection of that resilience and she hopes she has captured just a small fraction of the beauty of the Animal Kingdom in its diverse forms. She believes we can learn a lot from the natural world; their ethos on life, their resilience and their devotion to protect those in their family group.

Tuesday – Saturday // 10.00 – 17.00