This screening has been cancelled – we are sorry for any inconvenience caused.

“Chèche lavi” is a phrase in Haitian Creole which means “looking for life.”

It is commonly used to describe the experience of migration and the search for better opportunities, the backdrop against which this wonderful documentary unfolds.

Chèche lavi is a film about two Haitian migrants, Robens and James who find themselves stranded at the US-Mexico border with no way forward and no one to depend on but each other. It is a film about longing: for a place to belong, for a stable life, for connection and companionship.

Ahead of the screening of Chèche lavi, Amy Zamparripa Solis will present short film screenings from her No Place Like Home project about Austin,Texas and new film extracts from the Taco Diary pilot project about food, art and community. No Place Like Home is an exploration into childhood home and its loss, starting with her own Mexican-American community of Austin, Texas.

More about Amy:

Amy Zamarripa Solis is a writer, artist, curator and producer. She was born in Austin, Texas in 1975. Her practice spans literature, theatre, visual arts, exploring themes of childhood home, diaspora communities, gentrification & cultural identity. She has a BA from Sarah Lawrence College, journalism qualification from University of the Arts London and community development qualification from Trust for Developing Communities.

She is founder and Chair of Writing Our Legacy – a literature organisation focused on supporting Black and ethnic minority writers and writing in the South East of England. She is also Director of This Too Is Real, an arts production and management company, specialising in arts, culture, heritage and diversity.

Twitter & Instagram @Amyzsolis