During this difficult time when galleries and museums are closed it is still possible to view the vibrant work of two local artists. Paintings by Alison and Diane will be hung in Colonnade House and can be viewed from the windows on Warwick Street and High Street from 26 May to 7 June.

Bold, Bright, Intuitive and Engaging – this exhibition sees two acclaimed artists, Alison Tyldesley & Diane Bailey, bringing together complementary views of the natural world. The show promises an exciting chance to see the work of two newcomers to West Sussex who have recently relocated from Yorkshire and Dartmoor respectively bringing strong reputations with them.

Love of the natural world is their driving force and both use acrylic on canvas or board and paint energetically with brushes, knives, rollers and cloths. Part of the process includes scraping, indenting and removing layers as well as applying thick emulsions and allowing fluid, transparent glazes to flow over the surface of the work. Several pieces are worked on at once as the artists respond to the emerging images and the physical process of painting itself.

Working from studios at Colonnade House both Alison and Diane will be available throughout the show to talk about their individual work and influences and answer questions regarding workshops, tutorials and commissions. This is the first chance to see a substantial number of their works gathered together in Worthing and they look forward to welcoming and sharing their enthusiasm with visitors.

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