“Revival, Art from Antiques, Antiques and Art” Exhibition

The exhibition “Revival, Art from Antiques, Antiques and Art” came about as a result of a chance meeting in December 2020 when Jared Mort walked into Waterloo Square Gallery, a quirky art gallery in Alfriston, East Sussex.

Jared Mort is a decorative salvage and antique dealer, was born in Manchester in the late ‘70s and now lives in Sussex. Jared’s life is spent seeking out, buying and selling beautiful and decorative items.

After meeting the owner of the gallery, renowned artist David Apps, Jared pointed out that one of David’s handmade frames resembled an ageing antique. Jared captured David’s imagination whilst explaining how addictive and rewarding the thrill of the hunt is to him – from fine and rare antiquities to an architectural fragment. An instinct and a good eye is required to deal in decorative salvage, he continued, and these words resonated with David; in fact the very same day, in 2020, they decided to work together having given each other plenty of time to collect, create and stage the most extraordinary exhibition as possible within the early months of 2022.

Born in London in April 1964. David Apps grew up around the Thames Estuary, in Essex. By the time he had reached his teens, the British punk explosion and DIY ethics had captured his imagination to become a massive influence in his life. He took up photography and moved to Upton Park, in the heart of London’s East End. 

Having now taken thousands of photographs, David’s eye has evolved to capture uniquely anything and anyone at all. His book, ‘East End, East London Photography,’ is available worldwide on Amazon.

David will only use his own images and re-works these, adjusting, re-colouring and layering them to build his original and striking works of art. He then creates custom-made frames, using a myriad of objects, including jewellery.

David’s spectrum of artwork veers from dark, to angelic, evocative to kitsch, but it is always very vibrant, very British, and very ‘now;’ much like the charismatic character that David is. One cannot glance at David’s designs without wanting to look again.

Contact David here: dapps699@gmail.com 

Contact Jared here: jmort98@googlemail.com

Drinks, meet and greet: Saturday 16 April 2022 // 18.00 – 21.00

Information on the Rocking Horse used on the exhibition advert.

FH Ayres Rocking Horse 1922.

FH Ayres was known for his creation of high quality British rocking horses around the latter part of the 19th Century.

This particular rocking horse was bought from Harrods in 1922, for a little girl, who later passed it on to her children and grandchildren.

David Apps: Antiques Exhibition

Open Tuesday – Sunday // 10.00 – 17.00