Painting by Soni Smith


Five accomplished artists and printmakers from the Dell Quay Artists Group* have come together in this eclectic exhibition at Colonnade House. They each have their own distinctive way of seeing: their ability to construct and manipulate mental images, the seeing of pictures, but pictures seen with the mind’s eye.

To see with the mind’s eye is a complex process, for here the marks made on paper, board or on canvas are not only informed by factual observation but also by ideas, memories, symbols, inference, and even feelings.  They may be pictures of pictures, perhaps a collage of different images, some based on observation and understanding, some the pictures others have seen and shared with them.

To see clearly with the mind’s eye is only part of the story.  For these five artists to realise the images that form in their mind’s eye requires the mastery of their practice, the ability to translate through their chosen media and communicate through the marks made what they see in their mind’s eye.

In spite of the five unique visions exhibited here the works taken as a whole have been curated to display a range of scale and a coherent sensibility that is in keeping with the intimacy of the exhibition space at Colonnade House. ‘Making a Mark’ is an engaging and rewarding experience.


*The Dell Quay Artists Group is an informal group of practising artists who meet regularly at Dell Quay on Chichester Harbour to share their practice and their creativity, benefiting from their shared intellectual and practical experience.


Painting by Iain White


Painting by Susie Pemberton




Painting by Judith Martin-Gould


Painting by Iain White