We are a collaboration of local artists using a variety of different mediums to express ourselves.

We come together, but the discordance is there for all to see.


Sam Thongs-George

Working with all types of material, for me, nothing is out of bounds. It’s hard to work out exactly where I belong, but that is something I explore again and again, although it generally results in more questions than answers.

Come by to see my latest self portrait, a piano.


Steve Heffer

My art work shows various colours in vertical lines with subtle differences. Each line represents a feeling or in some way represents a story close to my heart. I find a freedom via my art work that I don’t feel at any other time.



Carolyn McConnell

I have recently graduated with an honours degree in Fine Art. The pieces shown here were part of my degree show and come with floating shelves so can be displayed in a variety of ways. My focus is the recycling of copper to be retained in this country.


Claire McEvilly


Shoreline Design

Having attained my dream of living by the sea two years ago, my location by the beach inspired me to take up my paintbrushes again after 25 years.

The ever changing light over the sea and sand and the amazing skies in this part of Sussex have been my inspiration.  I try to capture the beauty of the sea, sand and sky using acrylics.  I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoy painting them.