Collective Smiles; a participatory project about the value of empathy and connection.

A smile. Such a simple interaction, or is it? What does it mask, ask of you, how might it reward or motivate, is it gendered? Might actively seeking a warm exchange between others impact on our own sense of well being and empathy for the community at large?


Clare Plumley –

Clare is an artist, educator and researcher with a specific interest in sensory data mapping, she also works within arts for health.

Her main focus is metacognition and testing methods to support and demonstrate that process visually in relation to experiences such as pain, empathy and rest. Clare developed a workshop for data scientists called “visualising the intangible” in which she asked the group to explore & develop potential systems for organising drawn/hand rendered data sets on mind drift, emotion and the observation of smiles. She will be sharing findings and the resulting artwork ‘Lost Time Log’ from that workshop and give a brief overview of her work.

In this free event, you’ll be guided through Clare’s recent work, Participants will be asked to capture their own data sets of observed smiles during the session by walking the streets of Worthing for a short time (please bring suitable clothing for the time of year), then come back together where they’ll mull over the questions above, assess the value and potential of such an exercise and share their experience of exchanges observed.