* Drive to Create is viewable from the windows – you can purchase items from the exhibtion online from March 1 *

‘Drive to Create’ artists aim to encourage creative exploration using creative ways to view our world. The range of work for on show will include philosophical T shirts, painting, drawing, cardboard modelling, ceramics, photography, linocut printmaking, lamps and lampshades.

As a group, they have collaborated and worked during lockdown exploring their own creativity. 


Sarah Mills - Ceramics

‘For over 25 years I have worked as a potter, studied and gone on to train others.

I have specialised in slip-cast porcelain and love to use graphics programs to assist with my design process. I also combine a spontaneous reaction to the possibilities that present through the making process.

Finally I am realizing an ambition to design and produce a set of chess pieces. I have collaborated on this project with Francis Newman.’

Instagram: @sjmporcelain
Facebook: Sarah J Mills- Art and Pottery

Francis Newman - T-Shirts

‘I have a keen interest in Psychology and Philosophy, I studied TV and Film production at university.

My creativity began when I made a life-size cardboard ship to sit in as a young child. Using cardboard gives a tactile connection to our creativity. It is a simple means of expression. My goal is to help people and show them that even a simple means of expression can be liberating.

Now chess is central to how I express myself. I have collaborated with Sarah Mills, to produce the porcelain chess pieces and am working on a philosophical T shirt collection.’


Nora Young - Mixed Media

‘I am ready to share some work from my time in isolation.
In April and May 2020, one work a day.
Summer 2020, completing ‘The Return’, a response to holding on, survival.
Autumn and Winter 2020-21, examining my ‘frazzles’, the thoughts that meander and circulate, the inner monologue in isolation.’

Rosemary Jones - Printmaking
‘I have been a linocut artist for many years, making limited edition prints primarily of local scenes of Worthing and the landscape of the South Downs: all my prints are original handmade linocuts, made with real ink, on real paper, on a real press, by me.
Each print is unique because it is entirely made by hand.

Lately I’ve been doing something different, namely fabric printing with linocut blocks. The result is a collection of lampshades – I am also collaborating with my husband Shane who is a tree surgeon and craftsman in wood, and we are making lamps together.’

Website – www.greenman-linocuts.co.uk
Instagram – https://www.instagram.co./rosemary.jones.artist
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/rosemaryjonesartist
Contact phone number – 07947 833545

Shane Jones - Woodwork
‘I am a tree surgeon and I enjoy making things like tables and lamps from different woods I have obtained. I like to play with different colours of wood to make an interesting contrasting effect. I am also collaborating with my wife Rosemary who is an established linocut artist, and we are making lamps together.’

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/treetogoodhome/
Contact phone number – 07940 591073