Dylan & Adrienne Shields: Shaped


Exhibiting together, Adrienne Shields, Dylan Shields are Mother and Son. Shaped.


Dylan Shields

London based artist Dylan Shields new work focuses on sculpture, investigating the relationship between traditional narrative painting and contemporary materials. He explores the relationship between art history and its context in modern society, highlighting the forgotten narratives of old masters. He uses recycled materials such as cardboard to produce work that is at once familiar but dramatized by its original use of form and perspective. It is both fresh and inspiring.

Dylan has had many solo shows in England and the Netherlands (the last show before lockdown was at the New Ashgate Gallery, Farnham) and his sculpture is shown on the Crafts council website as a featured artist.

His was the winning design for the Dutch Erasmus Commemorative Two Euro coin. Dylan’s work is in numerous private collections.

Discover more of Dylan’s work at: www.dylanshields.co.uk

Adrienne Shields


Adrienne Shields’ new work focuses on ceramics and painting. An array of jugs, vases, bowls, figures and sculptures, coiled, slabbed carved and incised. Using pattern and texture both on ceramics and paper she invents an intriguing and imaginative world full of birds, fish and people. The images are mixed together with a flavour of the seaside and travel. Each piece is individually hand built and unique.

After sharing her expertise full time as a teacher and art therapist Adrienne has recently moved from Brighton to Worthing and is now able to devote herself to working from her studio in Worthing.



Open Tuesday – Saturday // 10.00 – 17.00