Mark Wilson, 'Below the Thunders of the Upper Deep'



Fleur Cowgill

Fleur Cowgill captures light through mixed mediums on canvas, paper and Perspex. Inspired by landscapes which evoke memories, travel and shared experience across culture and time, she makes colourful, abstract paintings.

Fleur has lived in several countries on 0o longitude from England to the Belgian Congo, experiencing vast differences in light, colour, humidity and landscape since early childhood. Aspiring to balance observation with the sensation and cycles of human experience she has developed a personal visual language of short vertical strokes. The strokes march or drift across her paintings, or manifest in small bars of coloured film, all encased in Perspex.

Cold wax creates deep ridges which can be carved into or scraped back to reveal shimmering veils of coloured glaze. Experimenting with coloured pigments, oils, chalks and ink on large square canvases lets Fleur play with the picture plane. Fluids flow across the turning and tilting surface to form a loose, organic grid on which to build further layers.



Fleur Cowgill, 'Butrint Codex', 2017, 100 x 100 cm, mixed medium on canvas.


Fleur Cowgill, 'Violet 350nm', 2018, 30 x 30 cm, film gel on perspex.



Mark Wilson

Mark Wilson’s subjects are abstract and semi-abstract land and seascapes. He paints in oils, working with just four or five colours and a palette knife and rag to blend and drag the paint. Mark often adds strands of rope fibre or ground-down coloured slate, charcoal or sea-salt to add texture. At times he uses a knife to scrape or gouge the work to create dynamic lines of movement.

Mark works to communicate the restlessness he feels is present within a scene as a continuously shifting intensity of sound and movement. Achievement for him is if you look at the work and begin to hear and feel as well as see so that what you experience is more like a narrative, something almost filmic. He paints as a storyteller.

Mark Wilson, 'Dusk on Hogsback Down'.

Mark Wilson, 'And Yon Twelve-Winded Sky'.


Mark Wilson, ‘Below the Thunders of the Upper Deep’.

Fleur Cowgill, ‘Butrint Codex’, 2017, 100 x 100 cm, mixed medium on canvas.

Fleur Cowgill, ‘Violet 350nm’, 2018, 30 x 30 cm, film gel on perspex.

Mark Wilson, ‘Dusk on Hogsback Down’.

Mark Wilson, ‘And Yon Twelve-Winded Sky’.

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