Ruth Mulvie & Claire Knill: The Great Escape

Georgina Neal is having her first solo exhibition, showcasing an exciting collection of experimental work covering her degree work and beyond. Georgina’s works is Abstract with an influence of Acrylic pouring. It’s easy to see two of her favourite artists Pollock and Ian Davaport in the dripping, splashing and flow of the paint. 

What a dream come true! What a long, exciting journey to reach  this point and not without its rollercoaster of life’s little adventures along the way. 

At the start of her degree course, Georgina Neal had the expectation to become a “proper painter” in all the traditional style, but at the other end of the course she is now an abstract painter with a passion for experimental paint and colour .Georgina loves painting, from every aspect of the developing process, to painting and finally put the work in someone else’s hands to bless their lives with the atmosphere the painting helps to exude in its new home.

The whole adventure of creating a painting feeds her soul.

Tuesday – Sunday // 10.00 – 17.00 (closed Monday’s)