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Immerse yourself in a vibrant, colour-filled  world that glows with exuberance and pizzazz.

Gigglewick showcases an enchanting collection of art by talented and charismatic artists, each of whom creates unique and distinctive works of art infused with colour, luminosity and vitality.

Sue Mullholland

Sue Mullholland creates bold, colour-drenched, vibrant and often magical visions inspired by the shifting faces of Nature.

Mark Munroe – Preston

Mark Munroe-Preston’s vivid treescapes lure the onlooker with hypnotic and atmospheric landscapes that encapsulate the wonder of our native woodlands.

Michael Cole

Visit the beautiful vistas conjured up by Michael Cole in his stunning landscapes that positively glow with the radiance of sunlight from dawn to dusk.

Natalia Samarina

Natalia Samarina’s passion for nature in general and flowers in particular is palpable in the romantic, captivating landscapes and flamboyant, richly-coloured blooms that fill her canvases.


Tricia Findlay

Tricia Findlay’s pastel drawings of creatures, both wild and tame,  amaze and delight; her attention to detail bringing an often intense realism to her images. One minute you may be staring into the eyes of a lion, the next your heart melts as your eyes meet those of a beloved, pet dog!

‘What is Gigglewick?’

Nestled in Worthing’s beautiful Royal Arcade, Gigglewick Gallery will delight you with its wonderful array of contemporary art, gifts and jewellery.

Steve and Sue opened their vibrant, light and airy gallery in August 2022 . Bold, bright and vivid works of art bring an amazing joy and delight to the gallery, which boasts a diverse collection of contemporary, original paintings by Sue and the talented group of artists whose works enthrall visitors.

Admire the exquisite, original paintings, limited edition prints, aluminium and acrylic glass on display, including art suitable for outdoor spaces, kitchens and  bathrooms.

Discover unique, hand-created designer, natural jewellery made from the Tagua nut, known as ‘vegetable ivory’.

Unusual and quirky gifts abound, including exquisite wooden vases, glass vases for growing acorns and avocado seeds, wooden hanging mobiles and Montessori-inspired toys.

There will also be live painting and drawing sessions in the gallery where you can come and watch the artists create

Natalia Samarina // Wednesday 13 // 11.00 – 15.00

Fiona Chapman // Friday 15 // 11.00 – 15.00 

Tricia Findlay // Saturday 16 // time tbc

Sue and Steve are always welcoming and helpful – browse the gallery or visit the website:

‘Gigglewick Gallery’ – a Jewel in the Arcade!

IG @gigglewick

Tuesday – Sunday // 10.00 – 17.00