Human Kindness for Open Mindness



Coastal West Sussex Mind are returning to Colonnade House with a puzzle in pictures. In May 2019 during Mental Health Awareness week they  gave out over one thousand two hundred and fifty ‘Human Kindness for Open Mindness well-being boxes’. Their wish with these events is to find venues where they can talk and connect in a creative environment with the overall aim of turning awareness into action. In May they described how some Human Kindness mixed with a few small actions can make all the difference to ourselves and others. 

Open Minds Champions with a lived experience of mental health problems and recovery are passionate about this and for good reason. Stigma is harmful and people-made, and as such we can choose not to create stigma. 

October 10 is World Mental Health day and the world will be having conversations that are focussed on suicide awareness and prevention. Local Open Minds Champions (artists and makers from The Gateway and The Corner House) will be creating a picture puzzle -a room to reflect in- as a conversation starter. They are hopeful that more people will want to take more action, whether it’s seeking support for the first time “it took me thirty years before I could tell anyone just how I was feeling”, or tuning into friends, work colleagues, customers, family members with some Human Kindness for Open Mindness. 

Drop by and be inspired to turn your awareness into your action. 






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Open Tuesday – Sunday // 10.00 – 17.00.