Ink by Sussex Printmakers 2022

INK is an annual exhibition which celebrates printmaking. 

Sussex Printmakers is a group of artists who use ink, paper or press to create their work through different methods. Using Lino cut, mono printing, etching, screen printing & more. This exhibition is to showcase printmaking and spread our passion for this versatile medium and to the local community.

Sussex Printmakers is run by Peon Boyle who also works with Old Cartshed Studio

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Our sixth exhibition featuring: Peon Boyle, Steve Carroll, Annie Cross, Vicky Gomez, Sue Hawksworth, Mark Hulme, Suzyriot, Rosemary Jones, Pauline Murray, Hattie Lockhart-Smith, Shirley Watson, Julia White and Anna Vartiainen.

More artist information below;

Peon Boyle

Peon approaches her subject matter with great sensitivity, drawn to the more humble aspects of the natural world. Elevating unassuming wildflowers or grasses to centerstage in her art work. She creates an ethereal landscape from our surroundings. With a sense of beauty, transience and delicate elements running throughout the core of her work. Her new series of monotype prints “ Word of Grass” are an extension of the woodland prints she did last year.

Peon grew up in Hong Kong, in the southern Island under a mountain of trees and spent most of her childhood in the mountains. She found peace within the trees surrounded by the concrete jungle. Since Peon moved to UK, she fell in love with the English countryside. Learning about herself through forest bathing (Shinrin-yoku) and experiencing the beauty of nature; how nature can heal us physically and mentally. During the past few years Peon predominantly uses printmaking as her medium.

Steve Caroll

“I have been a prolific creator of digital work and oil paintings, but I wanted to move into hand produced prints. I have taken courses with Gary Goodman and Peon Boyle and bought my own small press. I am exploring different techniques and mark-making techniques. I feel my drypoint prints express an inner, darker self than any other medium.

I was also taught screen printing by Fox Fisher and made my own portable press for a project teaching screen printing to street people in Kolkata, India.”

Annie Cross

Annie Cross is an Artist Printmaker based in Brighton. Having always held an interest in Printmaking, she discovered an instant connection with the traditional process of Etching whilst studying in Bip-Art, Kemptown. Through this newfound direction, she was awarded a scholarship to study Etching at a prestigious Printmaking school, Il Bisonte, in Florence, Italy. Having intensively practised the processes involved with Etching – handling acids, resins, specialist papers, acid resists, Etching tools and more – she decided to continue practising Etching as a core focus.

Since returning from Florence in June 2021, she has joined the Printmaker’s Cooperative in North Star Studios in Brighton, to continue developing her prints whilst openly working
on commissions.

Many works reflect an interest in linking ‘place to print’ – capturing landscapes using natural materials such as sands, flowers, soil and foliage for interesting mark, collected from the physical location that is being depicted. It is the permanence of Etching that Annie finds so captivating, and this methodology strengthens the con nection between the location being observed and the feelings associated with being there in real life.

All etchings are printed on Fabriano and Hahnemule Etching paper, signed by the artist.


Vicky Gómez

“I’m Vicky Gómez , a printmaker living in Hove, UK. I discovered printmaking during my Erasmus at the Accademia di Brera, Milan, and I absolutely love it. After many years working on Digital I felt the need to work in a more traditional way so I started printing again.

My family was always connected to the sea and the coast in the north of Spain and it’s been an important inspiration for much of my work. Now living on the coast again continues to be an important theme for me among other subjects like nature, films and culture.”

Sue Hawksworth

Sue has long been inspired by the effect of man and nature on the landscape. Light and shadow play an important part in her work enabling the pattern and form of the landscape to be revealed. Sue has explored these themes in a range of media including monotype, paper lithography and collograph. Sue enjoys working with different materials and processes, and the flexibility of mixing media enables her to explore more abstract forms. Sue also paints in oil, acrylic, watercolour and pastel.

Recent work has been based on sketches of a row of trees made in Burpham, Sussex, using the solar etching process which uses the sun (or ultra violet light) to develop the plates.

Contact: Website:

Mark Hulme

I have been an illustrator for various publishers including Bloomsbury and Oxford University Press and zoos and museums in several European countries. I studied printmaking for 9 years at Academie Noord in Antwerp, Belgium.

I grew up in Findon and Worthing and wherever I have lived, I have always been drawn back to the shingle beaches and South Downs of West Sussex.

Instagram: mark_hulme_artist


Suzanne James a.k.a Suzyriot is a local artist specialising in original limited edition linocut prints. Suzy has a background in Illustration gaining a PG diploma from Brighton university. Her passion for animals and the natural world is reflected in her anthropomorphic portraits, and her heartfelt depictions of humans with their pets. Suzy riot also has another side to her art too, tackling sociopolitical issues while trying to make sense of the world.

Suzy teaches linocut workshops to small groups in her garden workshop here in Worthing.

Suzy Riot

Rosemary Jones

Rosemary came to art as a mature student, following adult education courses at Northbrook College, where she learned about linocutting and was also inspired by artists such as Eric Ravilious and his linocutting friend Edward Bawden, amongst others. She has developed a whole series of linocuts of Worthing and the South Downs.

All her prints are original and handmade, made with real ink, on real paper, on a real press, by her. These are not giclee prints which are only reproductions: each print is unique because it is entirely made by hand.

For this exhibition Rosemary is showing something different however – her etchings, made both on art holidays with Oliver West Fine Arts both in Cornwall and the New Forest, and lately made in her own garden, using the Edinburgh etch. Acid etching enables her to draw into the ground on a metal plate and so it’s very immediate. It is exactly the same as drawing with a pen, though then there are all the technicalities of etching the plate and printing it. Rosemary has also added colour to some of the prints with watercolour.   

All her work can be seen on her website –



Pauline Murray

“My name is Pauline Murray and I live in Worthing, West Sussex. My printmaking is inspired by the natural world around me. My zinnia collages begin by hand printing with acer leaves, flowers, seeds, and found objects which I gather myself locally.  Each cartridge paper print is carefully selected and hand cut. Layers of petals are gradually built up to form beautiful flower heads. Each piece is unique and an original work of art.”

Examples of my collage can be seen on Instagram at

Hattie Lockhart-Smith

Working in a limited but colourful palette and using the Sussex landscape as inspiration, Hattie creates abstract works using monoprint techniques, printing multiple layers directly onto wooden panels and then adding hand printed collage pieces to create more depth to her work.

Shirley Watson

Shirley is a printmaker based in Farnham, Surrey. She loves to use colour and shapes found in nature. Her recent prints have been created from walks in her local area and visits to the coast, where she has explored and discovered inspiration for her work. The continually changing weather and seasons are reflected in the plants, colour, light and shadows in the landscape. Shirley prints at home and at Ochre Print Studio in Guildford.

Etsy shop -ShirleyWatsonDesign

Julia White

“I am a self taught artist and printmaker. I use impressions of plants in my work often directly either monoprints onto wood or pressing through a printing press onto a zinc or steel plate.

I love the process and tactile nature of foraging in the Sussex Downs. Learning about the medicinal uses and folklore surrounding them along the way. Often there are hidden meanings in my work using the plants as metaphors for strength, hope and resilience. Always looking for balance- yin and yang, male and female. There is a subtle oriental influence which has evolved in my work, which I am starting to explore more.

In keeping with a more holistic ethos, I use vegetable based inks as much as possible and have been experimenting with making dyes and powders from the plants and land of the Sussex Downs. My work often includes insects and butterflies reflecting the symbiotic delicate nature necessary for balance in our delicate world.”

Anna Vartiainen

A Finnish-born artist living on the south coast, Anna Vartiainen has a deep love of nature. Specialising in drawing and printmaking, she transforms pen and brush work into textural layers for screen prints and makes bold, graphic linocuts. In recent years she has turned increasingly to her local environment for subject matter, appreciating the details in what she finds around her. Inspiration might be found in the local park, wildflowers picked on a walk, or the sun dipping behind the trees and houses.

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