Interplace at Colonnade House

Interplace is an evolving photography installation centred around the history and community of the seaside town of Worthing. Engage in this exhibition by bringing along photographs of Worthing that can be included within the show. Watch the show grow and adapt throughout its duration here at Colonnade House.

As part of Photo Fringe 2022, Real Utopias, artists Eloise Calandre and Lorna Allan bring you the exhibition Interplace at Colonnade House, Worthing, October.

Worthing is a mix of natural and industrial space, a habitat shaped and impacted by people. Photographs taken across layers of time, past and present, will show and pose questions about changes and consistencies of a place, whilst also perhaps, the resilience and hope of people who live there. Through the arrested moments of photography, Interplace plays with concepts of materiality and time and sits on the threshold between real and imaginary to create a collective story of a place.

Eloise Calandre is an internationally exhibiting artist working in a range of media including photography, augmented reality, performance, drawing and writing. 

Lorna Allan is a photographer and art director with a social arts and performance practice, based in Worthing, working on commissions both in the UK and internationally. 

Interplace runs from 4 – 30 October. The open call for image contributions from the public is open now and until the end of the show and will continue to collect and integrate images of Worthing’s residents and visitors.

You can submit your photographs & images here.

Follow the progress of the show on Instagram here.

Portraits of young people in Worthing
Photo Fringe 2022: Real Utopias

Tuesday – Sunday // 10.00 – 17.00 (Closed Mondays)