Sea Shores is a collection of Jac’s most recent work, inspired by her seaside home. Jac has created many different pieces in mixed media to create work reminiscent of the sea shores. Her work includes paint, wool/yarn and real life elements. The studio gallery is to be filled with all things sea side; crocheted seaweed-esque lampshades, oil paintings depicting seascapes, boats and sails and much more.

Jac has exhibited a few times at Colonnade House before, but Sea Shores is unlike what you have seen before. To find out more about Jac and her newest exhibition please see below:

“I am a mature student at Northbrook Metropolitan College in Worthing studying for a BA Hons in Textile Design, I also took a first year in Fine Art.
I am completely in love with the Sea and Shores of our coast, there is always an abundance of beautiful objects and views to inspire and enjoy.

This exhibition is an amalgamation of my first year knit project ‘Natural Purity’ where I drew my inspiration from the sea shore and the natural forms of seaweed, shingle, shells and shapes, and even a washed up crab shell which I incorporated into my seaweed foot stool. Two of my favourite artists Andy Goldsworthy and Kurt Jackson informed my ideas.

I am working in oils on canvas for the first time with some contemporary paintings, a departure from my usually very abstract acrylic forms.
Alongside I am showing some hot press dyed prints and some abstract inks on water colour paper.