Jackie Bent: Evoke Your Senses

Jackie Bent: Evoke Your Senses

Jackie Bent is an up and coming local contemporary artist specialising in acrylic pouring and resin work.  After moving to Worthing from London a few years ago, she draws inspiration and visuals from her environment, the surrounding seascape and the glorious green spaces to give depth to the movement of her creations. 

She has a history of creativity, which progressed through cake baking and decorating, sewing projects, upcycling furniture. She studied art at school gaining an A level qualification, and that’s where it ended. Therefore all her work is self taught and with her imagination and creativity can develop some alluring and thought provoking pieces. Acrylic pouring art is a technique using fluidity methods and tools which enable the designs to flow. Acrylic pouring is a process where time, temperature and a good eye with colour combinations hold the key to  fabulous results. Some of her work has a matt finish, others are covered in varnish or resin. 

Jackie finds all art therapeutic and when working on a project, she is listening to music which helps with her creativity. Art is an experience of discovery, technique and emotion. Each piece has its own individual quality. Art evokes something different to everybody, be it humor, sadness, fear, elation, calmness, transporting your mind, triggering a memory, even enabling a sensory experience. 

Jackie had her first exhibition in June 2022, at East beach Gallery, and again in November. She has also appeared at Montague Gallery. 


If art touches you in some way, then it has done its job !


You can see more of Jackie’s work on her instagram here.

Tuesday – Saturday // 10.00 – 17.00