Brian Tew & Deborah Mitchelson: Capturing Nature in Surface and Form

John and Janet have been working collaboratively with ceramics for over ten years, producing a unique collection of work.  This exciting exhibition of drawings, paintings and ceramics exemplifies their use of Forms tempered by Fire as vessels for Feeling.

Janet, a painter by training, caught the ceramic bug from John, an established naked clay ceramicist.  John creates form from which subtle, but profound, feelings emerge.  His vessels look functional; is it a vase, a tea bowl, plate?  But they remain porous, and exist purely as objects to intrigue and covet.  Janet starts with a feeling from which the form emerges.  Responding to sensation by making a mark, or forming a pinch pot, not knowing how the image or piece will emerge, she allows the form and image to develop organically, often being surprised and fascinated by the result. 

They experiment with ancient low fired techniques, time-consumingly burnishing their work to develop a natural shine without using a glaze.  These tactile forms, calling to be touched, become ideal for absorbing marks produced by smoke and fumes as the pieces are fired in pits, barrels or raku kilns. A fire which is manipulated and influenced but never wholly controlled. Nature and the environment exert their influence. A change in wind direction or strength alters the outcome, making each unglazed ‘naked clay’ piece totally unique and intriguing.  

The material, the creative process, and the wonderful fire come together to influence the work, allowing John and Janet to create unique Forms of beauty, resonance and Feeling. 

Tuesday – Sunday // 10.00 – 17.00