Water is our greatest luxury on Planet Earth.  From a glass of to a raindrop, it is beautiful, and our most precious commodity.  It is intelligent and responsive – as Water goes, so we go; our moods affected strongly by this life-giving Element – the basis and sustenance of Life on Earth, which should be treated with the greatest respect.  If showered with Love, it will become pristine … just like all of us!

There is nowhere on this lovely Planet where Water does not exist – even in apparently arid places, Water runs somewhere deep beneath, along its own private pathways.  If not tended well and cared for, it will diminish and die, as shall all things here.  As guardians of this wonderful world, we should all act as accountable custodians.  As always, inspired by the natural elements around me, in this exhibition I have tried to capture some of its essence.  Impossible, I know, but I hope you enjoy the show!

Water - Josephine Jones


Josephine Jones

Fishes by Josephine Jones