Colonnade House is delighted to welcome Julie Anthony with the exhibition Painted Light. On display will be a fantastic conversation of paint and three dimensional objects such as jewels and mirrors to explore the relationship between different materials. An excellent way to begin Spring with exciting colours emphasised by light.

Julie Anthony

Julie studied at Horsham school of Art and West Surrey College of Art and Design, Farnham and has a BA hons in 3D Glass. Describing her work and her inspiration, Julie says:

‘I have always loved the varied qualities of glass.

The changing light it contains and carries from dawn to dusk, is of a magical beauty.

Cut and bevelled glass sparkles as deep frost and winter’s snow.

It can glisten in drenched sunlight and glow as light recedes at the end of day.

It can humble us in the magnificence of a stained glass window, and awe us into all that we do not know!

Julie Anthony

These images were created from my sketchbook in my travels to India, from the intricate bejewelled fabrics that shimmered in the light, as the ladies’ went about their daily tasks, a stunning vision of colours so bright. The architecture of the palaces glowing pink in Jaipurs evening light, Udipur and beyond, a place to always remember, as the Stained Glass Window has its own story still to tell.’

All art brings a message into the world, it is the message of life, of life itself”  Cecil Collins.

Julie Anthony