Wren by Katie Bird



Katie Bird has always been fascinated by wildlife, particularly the small creatures that go unnoticed in our busy world. Living in Sussex has provided her with the ideal setting to observe nature, and she frequently takes inspiration from the beautiful downs, woodlands and coastline that the area has to offer. Intrigued by creatures that lurk in the undergrowth, hiding and flitting about, her artwork exudes a passion and curiosity for tiny beasts.

Combining colour pencils with acrylics and ink, Katie’s work is influenced by illustrators such as Arthur Rackham who brought to life the pages of her favourite childhood novels. Katie usually refrains from adding detail to the background of her illustrations. By removing these creatures from their hiding places and capturing them on a stark white page, she hopes to simultaneously highlight their vulnerability and majesty.

Bumble Bee by Katie Bird

Dormouse by Katie Bird

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