Kitty Shepherd: Lolly Pup

Kitty Shepherd: Lolly Pup

Something exciting is coming to Worthing in April!

For seven days we have ceramic artist Kitty Shepherd taking over the gallery as part of a creative project organised by Julia’s House; a children’s hospice charity, to raise essential funds. 

Called the Big Dog Art Trail, more than 30 larger than life balloon dog sculptures (to be known as the Swindogs) are going to be decorated both individually and uniquely by a series of specially selected artists.

Each day during the installation you will be able to watch in real time as Kitty works on the 1.5 metre tall giant dog set up in the window of the gallery. She will be hand decorating the sculpture with one of her signature ceramic designs; the iconic orange Mivvi ice cream. Both nostalgic and timeless, the Mivvi epitomises childhood and the quintessential ‘70’s British summer and has an appeal which goes beyond art.

The event takes place from the 24 – 30 April 2023. There is no formal entry into the space, but we invite you to come along and watch the transformation take place. We would also encourage you to take photos and if you upload them to social media, please don’t forget to tag us so we can share your images.

Shortly, there will be information on this site here about all the artists chosen to participate in this event.

You can also follow and tag Kitty on the following social media points below; 

Monday – Sunday // 10.00 – 17.00