‘All Stitched Up’ – embroidered Homewares by Lara Sparks

Locally made, original and unique, embroidered products for your home. Lampshades, cushions, wall art, greeting cards and other Christmas gifts will all be on sale at this show. I produce products with my own designs all on a humble, domestic sewing machine.

I also run one day embroidery workshops, from a little community centre in Ferring which is just west of Worthing. I use my Sewing machine, like an artist uses a paintbrush. The needle of the machine, becomes my brush, in which I draw and create different textures and depths of stitching. My threads are my paint box.

I graduated from Loughborough college of Art and design in 1990, after completing a fashion/textiles degree, specialising in machine embroidery. It has been my complete passion ever since, working in numerous textile industries. I have always earned my living from my sewing machine. There are endless possibilities, exploring the ‘Stitched Line’. I mainly produce products that are useful in some way. A cushion or a lampshade has a function within a home. I love the way the light illuminates the embroidery and reacting with the variable stitches and applique. Printing my embroidery has been a valuable way to transfer a highly time consuming piece of embroidery into a functional, cost effective product for others to enjoy.

My inspirations include the humble hedgerow grasses and wild flowers on the South downs, to our Great British seaside pier and quirky seafront buildings.

Thank you for taking the time to read the above and hope you enjoy the work.


Open Tuesday 15 December – Thursday 24 December // 10.00 – 17.00


You can find all of Lara’s products here;