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So It Goes are thrilled to present their first screening, British auteur and experimental artist Andrew Kötting’s latest feature Lek and the Dogs (2017). We are delighted to welcome director Andrew to Colonnade House for a Q&A and discussion.

Lek and the Dogs is the third part of Kötting’s Earthworks trilogy. It’s based on the award winning play by Hattie Naylor, and inspired by the true story of Ivan Mishukov, who at the age four spent two years living on the streets and being raised by a pack of wild dogs. The film crosses the lines between narrative and art piece, using an amalgamation of archival footage, home movies and soundscapes to creating a unique montage essay. French performance artist Xavier Tchili plays Lek, as he did in the other two parts of the Earthworks trilogy (This Filthy Earth and Ivul), in this truly original wonder. Do not miss.


“Watching an Andrew Kötting movie is like digging your hands deep into a steamy midden of ideas, leaving you to pick the conceptual dirt from under your fingernails for days.” – Mark Kermode


“Kötting’s real skill comes in the marrying together of images with Lek’s memories, pushing at ideas of desolation, anxiety and trauma that take us into emotional territory that mere words cannot.” – Eye for Film



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