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Level 3 – Games. Workshops. Talks


Level 3 have built an arts organisation whose sole purpose is bolstering the voices of underrepresented groups within playful media and video game art. To do this, they host accessible workshops, support individual artists in creating playful media, and host the Level 3 festival.

In 2023, Level 3 Festival is coming to Colonnade House. A unique gathering organised by and for autistic, learning disabled, and neurodivergent (A/LD/ND) individuals. The festival offers accessible workshops, an exhibition of playable art and talks with the artists. Funded by Arts Council England, Level 3 is not just an event but a movement aimed at enriching the culture of playful media, ensuring it is accessible and representative of the A/LD/ND community. Don’t miss this opportunity to engage, create, and be part of a transformative experience!

The overt aim of Level 3 is to increase, promote and enrich the culture of playful media through establishing an accessible environment in which people can engage and create.

There will be:

An exhibition of games all made by A/LD/ND artists

An all day walk in workshop 3D scanning and rigging your own characters

25 October  @ 2pm: artist Simon Wilkinson will talk about being diagnosed with ADHD in his 50’s and the video game he created ‘Asymmetrically Distributed Hyper Dynamism’

28 October  @2pm: A short talk with Danielle Garratt and Daniel Hajas introducing their work in creating more accessibility for blind and visually impaired individuals.

Find out more about Level 3 through their website


All of their work is made possible because of funding received from Arts Council England.

Tuesday – Saturday (Closed Sunday) // 10.00 – 17.00