Tuesday 16th – Saturday 20th May
Nicky Bell Watercolour

Nicky Bell is a visual artist specialising in photography, performance, painting and installations, focusing on intimate spaces. Her latest exhibition at Colonnade House – Creative Hub features new works in watercolour. In her own words she explains some of the themes she is interested in engaging with:

I work with the concept that intimate space is not always a personal place, but areas of personal involvement, places that we form emotional attachment to, and unconsidered we leave part of ourselves for others to encounter, often a performative experience, movements that highlight daily actions, some ritualistic, some mundane

Nicky Bell Watercolour

Nicky’s poetic description for the exhibition asks a reader to look further, to visit the work and seek answers there:

an exhibition

a horizontal row of written or printed words, a part of a poem or song
extract, quotation, quote, citation, section, piece, part, snippet,
sound-bite, fragment, portion

a series of related things; series, sequence, succession, chain, string
or train

a map or graph a curve connecting all points having a specified common property

perimeter, periphery, rim, extremity, fringe, threshold

a thin continuous mark, as that made by a pen, pencil, or brush applied to a surface

a degree or circle of longitude or latitude drawn on a map or globe.

a border or boundary: the county line

a demarcation: a line of darker water beyond the reef

a contour or an outline: the line of the hills against the evening sky

a course of progress or movement; a route: a line of flight

The exhibition opens Tuesday 16th May.

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