‘Him & Me’ is a presentation of art created by a mother and her 10-year old son. Cassius and Lucia have nothing in common artistically except their DNA and a shared love of putting brush or pen to paper to reflect their view of the world.

Cassius has a fervour for bell towers, buildings and steam trains. He recently achieved his Arts Award (equivalent to the GCSE) with a portfolio of buildings from around the world. He has completed over 500 drawings of buildings and belltowers and continues to study and draw them. He has an encyclopaedic knowledge of steam trains, their numbers, wheel configurations, designers and locations. His exhibition reflects his passions and he is working towards his silver award with enthusiasm, part of which will be this exhibition.

He has decided to call his show ‘Buildings: Attractions, Landmarks & More’ and ‘Locomotives: Then and Now’. 

Lucia Babjakova is a Slovak-born artist living permanently in Shoreham by Sea. Her work is not style-specific but straddles abstract and representational painting and driftwood carvings. It is characterised by her strong use of colour, respect for nature and her ability to hint at ambiguity and uncertainty, implied narrative and, sometimes, a darkness beneath the surface of light.

The wide variety of styles and content between Mother and Son make this an unusual show that resists categorisation and exhibits a joy of expression along with a seriousness that invites attention.

The artists will be present and working for most of the exhibition and welcome discussion or observation of their work.

Tuesday – Sunday // 10.00 – 17.00