Mark Howell Humphreys


Winner of Worthing Light Festival 2019, Mark Howell Humphreys aka Howell, began his creative process at an early age. For many years this self taught artist has drawn inspiration from the natural world and artists such as, Dali, Basquiat, Klee, Kandinsky among others.

Along the way, Howell has used a variety of mediums such as; pencil, graphite, watercolour, oils, acrylic, photography, animation and sculpture to express emotion and experiences. However, it is abstract art that has always been his first love, although photography and stop frame animation come a close second.

The fluidity and freedom of the abstract expressionist style offers Howell the opportunity to explore a sense of freedom. Howell’s work uses hand manufactured tools to achieve energetic mark making which reflects past, present and imaginary experiences.

Freestyle also features work with friend and fellow artist Carolyn McConnell, BA Hons Fine Art.

At the suggestion of Howell, McConnell has undertaken this series of paintings, partly as therapy, as she tries to manage losing one of her best friends: Sam T-G aka Archi Johnson.  She is currently using shape and colour to produce portrait landscapes of the immediate world around her where she lives in Worthing.  Contextual influences include: Patrick Heron and Patrick Caulfield.

Carolyn McConnell

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