Marketing, Social Media and Press for Small Creative Businesses – An Online Workshop with Anne-Marie Shepherd

Monday 11 May from 7pm – 9pm // £15


Getting your product or service in front of the people who need and want what you offer is often the hardest part of running your own business.


Many people are frightened of the word ‘marketing’ and don’t know what it is or how to action it. But getting your name and product out into the world can be creative and fun. And during these unsettling times, making your products visible is more important than ever.  This is the perfect time for research and building relationships with those people you want to know about what you can offer. 


In this session, we will cover..

  • the importance of research
  • finding your people – how, and where
  • building relationships and trust
  • the relevance of your story
  • driving traffic
  • email marketing – your most powerful marketing tool
  • website marketing – how to keep people on your website and buying
  • social media – Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn – making the most of them
  • press – how to find the people you want to know about you, what to send, how to send it, when to pitch, lead times
  • the importance of local


Finding and reaching your people doesn’t have to be overwhelming or daunting. It just takes creativity (which you all have) time and bravery!

We’ll look at daily activities to keep marketing less scary and easy actions for keeping you and your products and services in front of the right people.

There will be time for questions and discussions.


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