Mary Fivey: Impermanence

“It’s all about the change, nothing stays forever.”

Mary Fivey is a Worthing based artist from Fermanagh, Ireland. She has been living in Worthing for the last five years and has become obsessed with the local landscape. Living so near to the beach has been a never ending source of inspiration in her artwork. Mary believes that accepting impermanence helps to cultivate positive well-being.

“Nature always changes, and there is beauty in the darkness.”

Using oils to show the power of the sea and its movement, the paintings capture a moment in time, and act as a snapshot of Irish and Sussex coastlines.  Experimentation is important in Mary’s work and each piece comes from her mind – this allows for a ‘creative flow’. It is this style of working that allows Mary to create beautiful one off pieces.

Find out more about Mary on Instagram @mary_fivey

Tuesday – Sunday // 10.00 – 17.00