Life in Bright Colours

Michele says;

I work in a broad range of media, including painting, printmaking, illustration and photography, which I often use as the inspiration for digital interpretations.
My use of colour is fundamental, and I have enjoyed discovering the potential of ‘drawing’ with a computer as an additional tool. Some of my prints are examples of this technique.

I also like to paint. I thought it would be nice to introduce some humour into my work, resulting in the Acquisitive Animals series of small acrylic paintings. So far birds, cats and a snake have appeared, but more may follow…

For my next project I plan to make typographic prints using my collection of old wood block type. When I was studying for my BA at Brighton University my favourite place was the typography workshop. I returned to do an MA many years later, after working as a graphic designer and college lecturer.

Since retiring from full time work I have found that taking part in Artists Open Houses is a great way of sharing work with other creative people, and making friends.