Illustration by Michelle Dawson



Michelle Dawson is back at Colonnade House in November with her distinctive drawings of coastal scenes.  

Michelle is inspired by architecture, the beach, gardens and plants and loves to draw complex scenes including all of these elements. She has continued to experiment with the potential of Indian ink this year, both for drawing and painting, and the exhibition will include some of her old favourites alongside her more recent experimental works. She is constantly trying to find the right balance between accuracy and fluidity in her drawing and likes to use a variety of tools to make marks with ink, including dip-pens, sticks and brushes.

Prints and greetings cards depicting a variety of seaside views will be available for sale.  There will also be the opportunity to find out about the drawing and painting classes Michelle leads as well as the art workshops she has been running this year in a local primary school.   

Michelle is keen to get drawing again in the gallery space. Following on from the huge ink drawing she completed at her exhibition at Colonnade House last year, Michelle will again be working on a large scale. This time she will be making ink drawings of Worthing buildings each day and displaying them on one of the gallery walls, gradually forming a large collaged inky image of the town.

If there is a favourite building of yours that you think Michelle should include please feel free to contact her at


'Garden on the beach' by Michelle Dawson


'Coast cafe' by Michelle Dawson


'View from the train' by Michelle Dawson



Open Tuesday – Sunday // 10.00 – 17.00.