11 artist-mothers come together to reflect upon their experiences of motherhood. Featuring work in a wide range of media, from papercutting and poetry to 3D and film, this eclectic mix reflects just part of the scope of emotional responses to what can at times be a deeply challenging relationship, one that is common to us all and yet experienced in a uniquely personal way, affecting the physical, psychological and societal identity of the mother figure.


This exhibition seeks to acknowledge the breadth of experiences of motherhood, whether they look as we might have anticipated or not, and to invite the viewer to reflect upon their own memories and experiences too. They will be collecting short written contributions (reflections from personal experience) from visitors throughout the week for a collaborative piece to be made as an ongoing work in progress.


Featuring work by Shona Macdonald, Abbi Torrance, Rebecca McCardle, Nicky Bell, Anna Morton, Peon Boyle, Nicola Ferrie, Jennifer Richardson, Vanessa Breen, Nadia Chalk and Babs Ratcliffe.


Late viewing: Friday 7, 19.00 – 21.00

There will be live poetry readings from two of the poets.