Two Worthing artists, a painter and a ceramicist, collaborate in this forthcoming joint exhibition at Worthing’s Colonnade House – Creative Hub.

Janet Branscombe, who originally trained at Cardiff and Canterbury and continues to study with Emily Ball and John Skinner, will be presenting her new work ‘On the Beach’. John Evans, a ceramicist whose work is in collections world-wide, will show a range of naked clay vessels and sculptural work.

Janet is an artist and psychotherapist. Her subject matter always comes from an experience. Time and time again she returns to the human figure. ‘ In painting the human figure I am trying to explore and capture the mystery of human relationships and what it means to be alive. The human body is one of the most beautiful forms in nature, in its endless variety and complexity.’

John describes his work as ‘truly 3D’ in that the form, surface markings, and the tactile properties are each an essential component. The curves of the forms are heavily influenced by those in the human body, the markings of smoke and other fumes, have an organic nature only partly under the artist’s control. The smooth, lovingly burnished, naked clay surfaces, with no glaze to act as a barrier, readily warm to the touch.