7th to 18th March 2017

Nature Inspired is a collaboration by Jennifer Churchward and Shelley Bock who met whilst studying fine art at B.A. Level at Northbrook College, West Sussex.

Jennifer Churchward states:

“My paintings are essentially abstract by definition, however, the viewer may detect a connection with the Landscape genre through my choice of colours.”


Her paintings are primarily about colour, texture and the aesthetics of chance. She explores the practice of mark making through the application of colouring agents to textiles including scrim and calico.
This artist is drawn to surfaces which carry a record of their use and the passage of time. In some of her artwork Jennifer transfers acrylic paint to textiles through the practice of mono printing to replicate the appearance of sun-faded fabric.


And now from Shelley Bock in her own words:


My work explores the changing natural environment, particularly its fragility and ephemeral vulnerability. My intention is to capture a lightness of touch to reflect this transience in nature and an awareness of the delicate ecological balance created by man’s presence. Emanating from my own family history, I often allude to the legacy of colonial heritage in the natural world.


The techniques I employ involve ceramics, glass, printmaking and photography. Outcomes using these chosen processes and materials are unpredictable often with a high element of risk. It is this collaboration with materials and the unexpected final reveal which I find inspiring.



7th to 18th March 2017

Shelley Bock: shelleysartbox.wordpress.com or contact me at thebocks@btinternet.com

Jennifer Churchward: jmcjmgjmt@yahoo.com