New Horizons

Jane Inglefield

28th Feb – 18th March


Jane Inglefield is a self-taught artist who is compelled to paint. Her work is inviting, uplifting and vibrant. Drawn to depict both sea and land scape, Jane predominantly works in oil, utilising a variety of painted textures to guide the viewer around her work. Her compositions appear uncluttered and expansive, drawing one in close to detailed dunes or grasses then outward to seagulls, far off walkers, silhouetted trees and trickling waves.

In her own words, Jane explains what she loves about painting and why she does it:

“Texture is all important to the overall effect, conveying the layers of the natural world.

I work intuitively from an emotional response of having walked or visited a particular area, absorbing the smells, sights & sounds & how that sensory input then translates. Music & Poetry are also sources of inspiration for expression. One always remembers how something made one feel & it is from this observation that my paintings originate.

Generally, I like to use bright uplifting colours that have clarity. This exhibition is a celebration of the beautiful natural world all around… I like to make all the colours ‘sing’ together & enjoy the play of ever changing light on water, especially the layers of colour on the horizon line. The sheer abundance, generosity & diversity of nature inspire me constantly with a desire to paint & create.

It’s a complete joy & a passion I couldn’t live without.”