She gathers materials –

The Lockdowns have narrowed my reach and widened my view.

Within walking range is the beach, with much to gather, explore and investigate.  I thought I knew my environment well, I spend my days beside it, with it, watching it, in all weathers and seasons, it is fuel for inspiration for many.

Recycling, being environmentally aware and conscious is part of my life, as an artist I feel its my job to try not create more waste or harm the planet.   I looked deeper into my surroundings, what I found was a wealth of materials for an enquiring mind.  There is much research, thought, and many more possibilities,.. this is just the beginning.  

Flow – 

when you work with and are at one with your practice and environment.

Who is Nicky Bell Artist?

Most people locally in Worthing would know me as a painter or photographer and art tutor, who sometimes makes films and resides on the seafront at East Beach Studios, why there? Because I love the sea.

I have lived in Worthing for nearly five years having moved from the New Forest where I brought up my son, we moved to Worthing in 2016 for his further education. Born in Bournemouth where I lived until my son was ten months old, I always missed the sea, and Worthings coastline is beautiful.

Looking at my history as an Artist I have worked creatively in both an organic sense and digitally and often bringing the two together to create immersive spaces. My passion and subject is the environment and nature, appreciating, caring for, and hopefully encouraging others to take a closer look at what an amazing planet we live on and place we live in locally.

In my new exhibition at Colonnade House I have a handful of local artists, using their individual skills, with an open brief to make a piece of art using the materials I have provided them with, I can’t wait to see what they create!

In the Gather And Flow exhibition I hope to demonstrate my creative practice through very experimental and organic ways whilst unfolding new ways of working for me that I hope will inspire others. The show will be a collection of art works some using my familiar style and others based on research that I will continue to develop further as an artist and maker.


Tuesday – Saturday // 10.00 – 17.00